I’m still working out a few kinks of my own and prepping everything for the TheBroken13Blog. I ask that you be understanding while I wreck this blog into a masterpiece.

Moving overseas with a 3 month notice kinda upheavels one’s life so to speak. Ha!

I decided I could give you a wee bit of insight into my life. I’m a military wife, mom, writer, and creative thinker. I absolutely love tattoos and motorcycles. I was almost convinced I was born in the wrong era, meant to be a retro pin up in the 40’s-50’s. Alas, God has different plans for little ole me.

I tried a blog about 5-7 years ago, but I didn’t really put much effort into it or feel the desire for it the way I have the past year. SN: I have been getting close to God again through this past year also, and I feel he is igniting my passion to write more and do something productive with it.

I am also interested in making short inspirational videos and having a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, what have you dedicated to this calling; to helping others who are going through what I have been. I’m currently trying to harness that exact purpose while managing a family of mini spawns.

There is a spark being flamed in my life that I need to feed by putting myself out there. I know when I was at the darkest and deepest place in my life I prayed and wished there was another person I could turn to that got me, because they had or were going through similar circumstances. Be careful what you pray for, God does most certainly work in mysterious ways.

I’m hoping that with creating this blog, involving myself in supporting the homeless and less fortunate, military communities, and simply guys and gals who are books being judged by their covers that I can touch many of your hearts and be the light to your darkness!

Welp, there’s a little bit about me and my purpose. Feel free to comment or contact me. I look forward to making this the best opportunity I can for not just me but you too! Blessings Always!

DISCLAIMER: My feelings and opinions are just that. Mine. I DO NOT and WILL NOT discriminate based on your religion, creed, race, beliefs, sexual orientation, personal views, past, present, your looks, your attitude, or your employer. All are welcome as I am doing my best to be a true Christian and be a light to the world, and share the good news along with my stories in the hope to bring others to the light, and to peace with Jesus.

Peace and Love Always,


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Discerning the calling on my life to help others, be an inspiration, & show people it’s sometimes necessary to hit rock bottom to reach your highest plateau & somewhere in between.

I’m a military wife, mom, writer, & creative thinker. I’m dedicated to helping others & helping inspire people who are book’s being judged by their cover. I’m holding off on working on my BA in Creative Writing due to financial issues. Everything in God’s time. 

I’m so excited to hone in on my gifts and share what God has for me and you out here in the big world of the internet. My hope and prayer is that I faithfully and obediently serve my Abba in this role, and fulfill my purpose and his will for myself; those of you that are meant to connect with me here on WordPress. 

I thank you and hope that I bless you as each of you will surely bless me. A light unto a dark world I will be, shining bright in the long night. 

Peace and Love,


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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.