The Election Is Over! 

Courtesy of Facebook Page K Love

Y’all, it’s finally over and we can all undoubtedly say whether we like it or not our new President is Donald J. Trump. I know some of you are ecstatic while others are downright outraged. However, there are a few things we need to remember as Americans. 

  • We have all felt this way before during past elections. (Maybe not as strongly, because this was a crazy campaign year indeed).
  • It’s our job as the people to not just stand behind our President, but to make sure he backs up what he said he would do. 
  • Our number one priority is to unite as a people and as a country; put and end to this division. 

We are called the United States of America for a reason. We are a united people, on a united front, and the establishment I meant to serve us. If we don’t like it then we stand together to change it. Not against each other because we disagree. I ask that all of you stop for a moment and take a look inside your heart before you lash out or rub in someone’s face these results. Would you want that done to you? We must be kind to one another, support each other, love another, and look past each other’s and our own faults so that we may be able to “Make America Great Again”. 

It’s not about the 1%, it’s not about the movements, it’s not about the Democrats or Republicans, nor is it about the insert ethnicity and education here vs another insert ethnicity and education here. It’s about us. The people. American. We all bleed red, white, and blue and we are all simply Americans who want the same things. We must not forget fairness and equality, as well as compromise. 

In Conclusion, as I pray for our country, our people, our land, our government, and our soon to be new government, I ask that you will join me in praying. Praying that God will cover us, protect us and this land, bless us in abundance, guide us, and unite us. We are truly “One Nation Under God”.
          Peace and Love Always,



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