Broken Promises

You said it to hurt me hoping it would wound me. You said it knowing how deep it would sear me, because that’s how you truly feel deep down inside your core.

It wasn’t meant as a backlash to solely pain me because of what I said to you. So your afterthought of an excuse is invalid. Your true feelings were the words that came out first. I know because I saw the look in your eyes and the grimacing smirk on your face.

I know because I see the misery swimming in the depths of your eyes every day. The icy cold glare that masks your hate every moment I’m in your presence. 

Your actions don’t line up with your words. They never have, they have always been misleading. You have shown through your actions time again you’re spineless; unless it’s against me or mine, that’s when you have the biggest bones of any being I have ever known. 

I was hoping with God you had changed, but obviously it’s been a facade that you have danced around with pretending for the sake of convenience and opportunity.

You have fianlly won. That’s it I surrender. You said the unthinkable and the unimaginable all due to your wounded pride because you won’t take the truth at face value. This time you struck true and hard with a force of honesty you have been hiding from me for some time now. 

The wound you have made this time is unrepairable and I’m sure to you it won’t be understandable, but naive child you have never endured the suffering from this, no you do not truly fathom the intensity of pain and heartbreak those simple words gave me. 

I want you to know it will be okay though, my heart will always hold you dear, but we must be apart. For this life we are living has drawn us down different walks. I hope you find happiness and Christ, that you take this as a lesson learned instead of a regret to hold forever. 

     Peace and Love,



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