Self Doubt & God

Remember that God loves you because of his grace and mercy! Stop telling yourself that prayer you haven’t prayed is too small or insignificant for God. That your being a bother to him. Those are lies!

Nothing is too small or big and he wants to hear everything you have to, or want to say to him. Just take the time to stop and pray. Even if it’s just whispering the name Jesus. 

If the devil can get you to stop or not even start praying then he has done his job. He knows once you pray he is already defeated! 

God loves you and he wants you to talk to him. God already knows the desires of your heart. You only need confess to him, pray, and have faith! Pray God sized prayers for when you do, you will get God sized blessings. #BeExtraordinaryInPrayer

Peace and Love,


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