26I don’t even know where to start or begin, work in, find a middle or end. What a doozy.

SN: Sit down, prepare yourself, get a cup of coffee, sweet tea, or whatever your heart’s desire. This is a rather long post and probably one of the most interesting to date. For some of you maybe even mind-blowing. Enjoy!

I have a tween….. I’m still learning to figure out how to control my emotions because well let’s face it I never really was taught how to be a sociably acceptable human being, and until I met my husband I never truly realized the depth of how far down my emotions, specifically anger went. Now my eldest is a tween. A flipping adolescent who is giving me a run for my money on attitude and emotional control. I never really had an issue with respecting my elders or being ungrateful for what I had in life. I definitely had an issue with seeing everything from the pessimistic point of view, and that is something I still struggle with today.

They say that your children specifically the one who is the same gender as you AND firstborn is the one that’s supposedly guaranteed to give you 10x’s more of your own worst attributes than you ever thought possible. I really believed this to be a myth or an old wives tale. It was realized as fact with my daughter. She is so much of me, good and bad, light and dark, wonderful, amazing, resilient, and eager. Yet she is also the worst part of me and then some. I really see a lot of my mother in her. Sometimes I wonder how it missed me (Thank you Jesus) and hit her. She seems to have inherited the worst qualities that woman has ever, and still does possess. The sheer mouthiness and lack of utter respect that she has for me and her father, or any adults much less any other human being drives me to a maddening point. At such a point I’m forced to separate myself from her before I lose my religion and say something that can’t be unsaid. In the age of offense and safe spaces I fear that my daughter is going to grow up to be a whining, narcissistic, liberal, sociopath with one of the biggest senses of entitlement to be seen yet.

I remember the day she was born, I remember how hard she fought for her life those first 72 hours, and the first two weeks she bravely refuted the odds in that little incubator. She showed me her first bit of fight and courage. Through her first year of life she showed my amazing resiliency and the will to learn no matter the circumstances. When she met my husband at the age of two she had no reservations or fear of this new man beside her mommy. She openly welcomed him into her life with her baby dolls, tea parties, pretend castles, forts, hot wheels, and dress up clothes that usually ended up muddy outside from her bike rides and adventures. She gave him a chance before I did and she did so with only that love and openness an innocent child with pure love can do. Sometimes I wonder if she was as happy as I was on our wedding day. The joy in her face and the twinkle in her eye. The constant laughter and sheer excitement that had her bouncing up and down the beach through the sand as we tried to keep her dress nice and clean. In her mind her daddy found her and he was her’s forever.

Through the next few year’s as various family members re-entered her life and proceeded to walk out of it then forcefully re-enter it again she started to change. Gone was that gleeful joy on her face that no one could ever take away, and it was replaced with concern and fear of the upheaval taking place in her life. It was later replaced with acceptance and understanding of why these things had happened as she still held on to that spark in her eye and the happiness inside. However, I knew, as a mother you only have to feel the essence your child carries to know what’s changed and why. That is until they become tiny, little, hormone raging, psychopaths with the intent to drive you insane before they turn 16.

Savanna started rebelling at the age of 7, it has been ever present since, but she hit her plateau of mischief and utter spitefulness at the age of 8. She had seen six different doctors, two of which were counselors, two psychiatrists, and two pediatrician’s. All of them agreed she had ADHD as well as Anxiety. Her first psychiatrist who we took her to for testing stated she was suffering from not only ADHD and Anxiety, but an unspecified mood disorder and ODD. Savanna started seeing a counselor during this time and was referred to a psychiatrist by her pediatrician. Her new psychiatrist had an in house counselor who Savanna started seeing as well as her other counselor, and they all agreed she was most certainly ADHD positive, suffered from GAD, and a kick of anxiety separation. Her psych believed she also suffered from unspecified mood disorder and her in house counselor agreed. However, only her psych believed that she suffered from ODD. They all did agree though, that all of her disorders and disabilities were due to the traumatic experiences she had been through so young in life; and the constant upheaval of people who should have been permanent parts of her life making themselves available whenever convenient for them.

I am by no means exonerated from this, as if I were more mature at the time I probably could have handled things quite a bit differently that would have resulted in either a) the permanent removal of said people, or b) I could have at the very least done something about it sooner. Nevertheless, what is done is indeed done. Savanna was put on medication to help with her ADHD as she had trouble with schooling, and as the medication intensified her anxiety she was put on an anti-depressant to help relieve this effect. She is now 10 and is off the ADHD medication completely and doing quite well without it. She is on the lowest dose of her anti-depressant medication and will hopefully be completely off of it by the start of the new year. The improvements she has made in the past year is by far more than leaps and bound and I’m starting to see that little girl who’s joy knew no limits uncover herself right before my eyes again.

Unfortunately, with that comes the little girl who truly believes she knows best and is in her own right an adult capable of making most decisions for herself on her own. Not only does she think this way, she behaves this way, and acts on it. She does this at home, school, in public places, in other people’s homes, and even at church in the past. I know most of it goes hand in hand with the age and the territory, but this is on another entirely different level and playing field. How quickly her bright, beautiful, loving, blue eyes can turn to menacing, deceitful, mocking pits of terror truly shakes me to my core. Savanna is infatuated with boys, has already had her first sneak peek into watching porn, bye-bye tablet, habitually lies to make herself look as innocent as possible, and is the youngest master manipulator I know. The force is strong with this one and the dark side would love to have her as their new reigning Sith Lord.

To bring you a scale deeper and to clear up a few things stated above I will enlighten you on a bit of Savanna’s unacceptable behaviors that came to her as a learned behavior. Mind you these are just a few of the MANY behaviors my daughter has exhibited. My mother, who is a qualified, narcissistic, bi-polar sociopath has told Savanna countless times since the age of 2 that she does not have to listen to me or my husband. That it is okay for her to do what she wants as long as she listens to her mammie AKA my mom. She has also ingrained in my daughter that it is okay to lie to me, and other adults as long as she tells her mammie the truth, and it is also okay to keep secrets; but with mammie only. My mother has basically brainwashed my daughter into believing it is okay to disrespect your elders, not follow directions, lie to everyone, and keep secrets no matter what they are. As long as it’s with every other person on this planet except my mother. Not only has my mother told my daughter this, but she has also shown her that it is okay by her actions. My mother has lied to me and countless others numerous times in front of Savanna, she enables her negative behavior by arguing with me, and questioning me and my authority in front of my daughter; and she has also badgered Savanna several times by asking her asinine questions.

Such as:

  • Are you happy with your parents?
  • Are mommy and daddy nice to you?
  • Would you like to come live with me?
  • Do you get what you want here?
  • Do you feel loved?
  • Do they feed you enough?
  • Do you feel abused or neglected?
  • Do you think you need more attention?
  • Do you think they care more about your younger brother than they do you?

Now. I understand that if this was a normal situation and my relatives were normal people then some of these questions seem completely appropriate, and it’s just my mother being a normal grandma. However, this is not the case. When my mother took advantage of me joining the military and having to grant her temporary guardianship of my daughter (so that I could leave for basic) by trying to come and take my child from me and gain full permanent custody the following year because she did not like the way I was raising her is not a normal action. When my mother called my daughter’s paternal grandmother and made up countless lies to her so that she would call DFCS on my husband and I so that they together could try to get my daughter’s biological father custody of my daughter is not normal. When my mother also called every single other member in my family who would listen to her on both sides of my family to try and make me out to be a horrible, abusive, mean, neglectful mother to my child is not normal.

I’m sure you are wondering some of the following questions as I would wonder some of the same:

  • Why did she do all those things?
  • What made her think all these horrible things about you?
  • Is any of it true?
  • Are you a bad parent?
  • How do you know she did all these things?
  • Why should I believe anything you are posting here? This is just your side of the story.

LET me tell you. I’m more than happy to answer those questions. One my mother is insane. As listed above she is the most narcissistic textbook sociopath I know. She is also bi-polar and a hypochondriac to boot. Secondly, I think that because my mother helped me raise my daughter for 18 months of her life that she feels entitled to her somehow. Thirdly, I think that because she watched what my daughter and I went through with her biological father that she didn’t trust me to do right by my own child. Finally, I also think that because of all the mistakes she made with me, she projected these same attributes onto me and has now convinced herself that I am the person she makes me out to be.

If you need any further explanation on questions 1 and or 2, or you are unsure of what a narcissist and a sociopath is please use Google and educate yourself, it is rather intense and interesting to say the least. If you are a geek like me in how the human mind works. In a nutshell these people are some of the most selfish, controlling, manipulative, habitual lying, vindictive, entitled, and offended people you will ever meet. Not to mention they are always playing the victim card and never seem to know what they did wrong to anyone. When the same problem reoccurs with not just one person but several you are probably the problem. Ever hear that saying? Yeah? Been through it? You have either a) dealt with someone in gross denial about a particular trait or b)came into contact with a narcissist.

Number 3 and 4. No. I was investigated by DFCS, my husband and I both were for the phone calls made by my daughter’s “concerned” grandmother’s and they cleared us of any neglectful, abusive, or improper care of both of our children. Which was just one of the many traumatic experiences my daughter had to go through. Thanks mom! I do not think I’m a bad parent, nor do I believe I’m supermom either. Have I made mistakes in parenting before? Yes. Could I have made better choices? Yes. Do my children go without? No. Are they properly clothed, fed, housed, cared for, and loved? Yes. 110% Are they spoiled? To an extent. Are they disciplined? Yes. Are they abused? No. Do I make them do chores? Yes. They are taught you have to earn things that they can not just be handed to you.

Number 5. I know she did all these things, because of the following:

  • My daughter’s paternal grandmother called me and told me
  • One of the caseworkers at the DFCS slipped and told me
  • The majority of my family members all called and told me the viscous rumors and lies my mother had made up about me and my husband.
  • My daughter told me when she was 9 years old all the things my mother had told her after intensive psychological treatment from her doctors.

Number 6. Well now you don’t’ have to do you? That’s the beauty of the internet, some things can be proven and verified while others can’t. Either way it’s not going to affect me in the slightest what you choose to believe and not believe. I’m simply sharing this because it’s my blog and my tween drove me to the brink of insanity last night. None of this makes me love her any less, nor does it hinder her intelligence, dull her shine, make her less capable of love, or less of the most beautiful girl I have ever created with my body, and surely nonetheless miraculous. I hope that someone out there that needs some help and advice or just simply needs to know they aren’t alone and aren’t crazy reads this and realizes that their stable and more than likely a good parent trying to do their best with an unruly child. Or maybe you have a crazy family member that you just can’t deal with anymore and you are seriously considering suicide or going and seeing a doctor to pour out your mind’s antics.

Let me tell you, you are not alone, you are brave, you are beautiful, and the apple of God’s eye. As one of my favorite Pastor’s says hitting control+alt+delete in real life isn’t mean. It is sometimes necessary and doesn’t mean you stop loving that person. It simply means you love yourself enough to let them go. Put them on the balcony and let them watch you from a distance. Until next time, as always

Peace and Love,


Here We Go…Hey Y’all

Life, Self-Help, Insecurity, Falling down, Making your way to the top.

So I was thinking and going through all the writings I already have on paper to decide which one should be my first post.  Then I thought “By golly!” LOL <—– if I even pick one of these I will never get any followers, and they will know the true depth of my craziness without understanding why.  Now then, I know there’s about 3-5 different little areas here where your suppose to write “about” or “describe” yourself, but I know it’s a bit more complicated than that for me and you good people deserve a backstory.  So here we go!….. In the briefest way possible.  I pray I am able to connect with you and give you the hope, inspiration, drive, emotion, will, whatever it is by sharing! My name is Jordan(female here), I’m 27 years young, and pursuing the calling on my life.  I’m absolutely blessed to have the guy I do as my forever.  No really, I am! He should have killed me by now.  I’m difficult, abrasive, blunt, outgoing, stubborn, spoiled, and mean when Ohhhhh I’m in any shape, form, or space uncomfortable.  However, I do have my redeeming qualities, Such as: I’m loyal to a fault, kind, protective, big hearted, honest, real, a go getter, an awesome cook, superb advice giver, smart, loving, and weeeellll not too hard on the eyes.  I’m also very open minded and  non judgmental.  That’s ALOT coming from my upbringing folks! I blame all the negative traits and qualities on my heritage, and the fact that there are waaaaaaaayyyyy toooooooooo many offended people out in this big world today.  Anyhoo, I was raised in Southeast Georgia back and forth from a piss, poor, small town and Atlanta.  My mother is a bible thumping Pentecostal and my daddy AKA the sperm donor is a Southern Baptist.  I was raised between the two since an infant and I watched both my parents tear each other and themselves apart.  How? You wonder? Here’s a short list below:

  • Mom-Belligerent Nagger
  • Dad-Drunk
  • Mom-Classic Religitard
  • Dad-Cheater
  • Mom-Gold Digger
  • Dad-Habitual Drug User
  • Mom-Habitual Liar
  • Dad-Never Communicated
  • Both-Hypocrites-Talked about each other to their families
  • Both-Used me as their pawn from a very young age

So over the course of my early life they were married and divorced a total of 5 times……to each other.  I was an early bloomer and very promiscuous so I lost my virginity to a “good ole Christian Country boy” at a young age.  I rebelled as hard as I could against my mother, (that’s another for another time), started smoking cigarettes at 11, drinking at 13, drugs at 14, raped at 15, and that’s not all.  I got into a life altering car accident at the age of 16 where my “friends” left me for dead.  I was in a coma for a week, in the hospital for 3 months, and did rehabilitative outpatient therapy for an additional 6 months learning how to walk again due to the injuries I sustained.  Right after we moved back home and a few weeks before my 17th birthday I wound up pregnant with my firstborn.  Shortly after her biological father proposed to me and I said yes. LIKE AN IDIOT! Thankfully, we did not end up tying the knot.  I know he would agree with me on that too.   He became very physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive a few months into my pregnancy.  My pregnancy was high-risk and I left him halfway through it.  Then the stupid girl that I was let her hormones get the best of her and take over till she ran back to him…..THE NIGHT I WENT INTO LABOR.  My daughter had some medical issues at birth and was on life support for the first 72 hours of her life, she spent 2 weeks in the NICU, and is now healthy as an Ox.  I finally got my wits about me and left her biological father for good.  He never tried to have much interaction with her at that point in her life, and to be honest I never saw him taking an interest in her life EVER(or him growing up)… Until I got engaged.  Again another story for another time. SN: I’m not bashing bio dad here, I’m simply stating facts that happened at this current time in our lives.  To continue, I already had my GED, and had started college while working two jobs.  Yes I still lived in that some crap hole town.  Little did I know that later that year I was going to meet my husband.  One night at Fort Gordon, GA while my brother from another and I were shopping for his big party for his birthday I saw a handsome fellow, but couldn’t muster the courage to talk to him and introduce myself.  Oh my, but Arthur didn’t mind doing it for me! So he got my number and then proceeded to wait a WHOLE DAY to call me!  After 3 months of dating he flew me out to meet his family during Exodus and bamboozled me with a proposal and a wedding in his mother’s living room three days later.  We came back to Georgia, he finished AIT, and got order to Fort Stewart, GA (OF ALL PLACES).  We then started our new lives together.  I transferred schools and eventually graduated, we got pregnant and gave Savanna (our beautiful daughter) a baby brother.  We had our up’s and down’s, legal battles with Savanna’s biological father (Yet again, another story, another time), issues with each other’s families, and being a new couple, but we worked through it with God’s grace.  Mac was agnostic when I first met him and I with little effort converted him to Christianity.  We had a great church and stayed at Fort Stewart for 8 years.  When I say we had trials and tribulations, lots of adventures too, (That too, is yet AGAIN, another story for another time) let’s say we put the CAPITAL T in it.  This year Mac got orders to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Now before I get ahead of myself let’s briefly discuss that up until 2015, starting in 2012 I was a binge drinking alcoholic.  Anytime I had a sitter I was out getting drunk.  In February God slapped me over the so hard that my rude awakening was a total meltdown.  I was diagnosed with several medical conditions and my anxiety attacks were on like Donkey Kong.  I had a nervous breakdown due to many reasons not listed and had to pick up the pieces of my life.  I did that with the support of my Mac, my sister Tara, and God.  It was just me and God a lot, but he tends to give you people when you ask for help. 🙂  I couldn’t have been more excited, stressed, happy, terrified, ecstatic, sad, and emotional about the move.  After all, the farthest I had ever lived from Georgia was New Orleans, LA and we only traveled to Kansas City, Missouri side, when we had the cash.  I’m pleasantly surprised here. The weather is great, the humidity is barely recognizable.  The land is beautiful, there is so much more to do in the town we live in, and it’s much bigger.  The people though………It’s about 50/50.  Due to my multiple tattoos, partially shaved head, retro attire, and RBF as it has been aptly coined, I try to pay no mind.  Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious though, like when it’s your cashier at the check out line that refuses to utter a single syllable to you.  None of that matters in the long run though, we are called to be a light unto the world and shine for Jesus.  So for every single person’s darkness I can  illuminate then that’s a win! I have written here a brief account of some of the good and not so good things that I have endured over my short time here on Earth.  There is oh so much more that I promise to share with you, because I believe God uses our messes for other’s messages.  I know this is my platform and my duty is to help you find you and your happiness.  So until next time blessings always and may God’s favor abound you.

Peace & Love,


DISCLAIMER: I don’t care what your religion is, if you have one or not, your political affiliation, your sexual orientation, your race, your past, your present, what you have been through or are going through, your personal views, etc.  I WANT TO HELP YOU! I KNOW THAT I CAN BE THAT LIGHT FOR YOU IF YOU WILL SIMPLY ALLOW IT.