Election Time

It’s that time again people. It’s been four years and now America gets to receive a new POTUS.  With that being said, here’s my passionate, a tad angry, a smidge sarcastic, 110% real, and honest point of view.  Supported with facts of course!


I loathe Hillary Clinton.  I know I probably need to work on my forgiveness and love your neighbor skills as a Christian when it comes to this woman, but I seriously am shocked and downright pissed that she has been able to get off scotch free with everything she has done; and all of her supporters act like it’s no big deal.  At the very least they act like Donald Trump’s treatment of women is so much  more severe and degrading than the actual crimes Hillary has committed not to mention her degradation of women, people of color, power abuse, and LIES. Yup there it is. I said it. This woman is a straight up LIAR.  It’s not that I support Trump because frankly I think Americans can do way better than any of the 4 candidates we have running for POTUS, I just think we have failed this country as our government has.  The corruption that abounds in government is not only maddening, it is atrocious, and demeaning to this country.  It goes against everything that America stands for.  We are simply the equivalent to the UK’s government except instead of  a Queen we have  a President that is voted into office by the Congress.  In the UK Congress is the equivalent of Parliament and they have a Prime Minister. Except the same rules don’t apply here in America your vote doesn’t count, I hate to tell you, but your vote, my vote, the average American joe’s vote does NOT count.  They don’t tally up your POPULAR vote to see who is going to be the next POTUS.  They tally up the electoral college’s vote to decide the next POTUS. Is the electoral college suppose to take into account the popular vote?  Yes, but how many of them do you think actually do? Politicians and Lobbyists are in general the most corrupt people and business you will ever face in this country.  They care about lining their pockets and not losing their heads. Because Mrs. Clinton has proven time and again you will die by some tragic accident or commit suicide if you cross her.

The FBI has been infiltrated and has no power due to the DOJ and their Mrs. Lynch, who made sure that Hillary wasn’t going to go down for the crimes her and our current POTUS, along with Ambassador Stevens and countless other aides, administration officials, and politicians were involved in.  If that happened then at least half of the administration and elected officials would be found guilty of treason.  You can refute my claims and the facts that I have stated along with proof to back it up, and that’s your American right (for now) to do so.  However, if you are honestly naïve enough to believe that WikiLeaks doesn’t hold any depth and that those documents are doctored you my friend are truly suffering from Cognitive Dissonance.  Which in my humble opinion is the majority of the problem with  most liberals today, and the fact that they can be offended about any and everything, BUT no on else is allowed to be if they disagree.  Again, Cognitive Dissonance.  (Rambling again, I do apologize).  This also  comes directly into play with the fact that it is absolutely impossible to go through over 650,000 emails in eight days.  Director Comey has failed the American people again.  Let’s start with a list of crimes, yes I said crimes, because that is what they are not opinions or values, CRIMES… that Hillary has committed since her tenure as Secretary of State and First Lady.

  • 33,000 CLASSIFIED emails on her private server at home
  • Paying Saudi Arabia $1 Million to do her dirty work
  • Using the Clinton Foundation’s money to aid above point and countless other illegal activities
  • Using the Clinton Foundation’s money to pay for her daughter’s wedding
  • Threatening and slandering of the women her husband sexually assaulted
  • Whitewater scandal where she committed perjury and obstruction of justice
  • Aiding foreign enemies with our military weapons, in specific Stingers
  • Technically aiding and abetting foreign enemies because she knew that there would be an attack on our Benghazi consulate due to her ties with these enemies
  • Paying Sidney Blumenthal through the Clinton Foundation to be her aide due to the fact Obama wouldn’t allow him on the WH Staff due to negative remarks he made about the POTUS
  • Running for the office of POTUS
Exhibit A


Now these are just the crimes I have decided to list here, I’m sure not all of them are accounted for and this does not include her long list of lies dating back to the 70’s.  This is simply a short list of crimes committed by Hillary that should have by law warranted her arrest. I’m sure you have a few questions about my list such as:

  1. Where did I get this information from?
  2. How are some of these non-obvious crimes actually illegal?
  3. How is Hillary’s running for office of the POTUS a crime?

Well my dear friend first of all, my sources will be listed at the end of this post for your research pleasure.  Secondly, we will start with all crimes associated with the Clinton Foundation.  Using money from the Clinton Foundation to pay for the above is illegal solely because charity money is strictly and legally allowed to be used only on charity funds.  Thirdly, we will jump into Hillary and our foreign enemies.  Not only is it a criminal act to aid and abet known or possibly foreign and domestic enemies it is treason for one in her position as Secretary of State to do so.  It is also illegal to withhold information that could prevent an attack on our country whether it is domestic or it is on our embassy’s.  Lastly, as the SOS not just a  DOD employee it is highly inappropriate and illegal to store, receive, maintain, etc any CLASSIFIED documents, emails, etc on a private server that is not through the DOD.  Finally, Clinton’s running for POTUS is illegal due to 18 U.S. Code 2071-Concealment, removal or mutilation generally – which states the following: (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other things, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.  Any office folks, not just POTUS.  How you wonder did she do this? Those emails. Yup that’s right.


Now with all that being said I know there are those of you who do not care about these FACTS.  You have read them before and you know them but you still choose to support this woman because you my friend are simply UNAMERICAN.  It has been proven over a 30 year period she is not the lesser of evils but because your offended, hypocritical, illogical mind distorts the truth and perceives what it wants you will still disregard and blatantly refute any of these ACTUAL PROVEN FACTS.  That’s okay, scroll on, don’t follow me, etc, you are entitled to it.  Now if you have not read any of the WikiLeaks or simply don’t care to believe anything that is in them, there is also the same information on Hillary’s server, but it is being covered up by many FBI agents, DOJ officials, and most importantly, my personal favorite corrupt official Loretta Lynch. Not to mention the Obama administration, because if you think he didn’t have a hand in this, then whooooooooohooooooooooo you are off your rocker.  Anyways I’m rambling again, on to the point! Ambassador Stevens was sent on a mission to Benghazi, it was a do or die mission, since he brokered the deal for Hillary for our enemies to receive our Stingers he had to go retrieve them.  Why? Because they had to cover their tracks. See one of the Stingers sold to the terrorists was used in 2012 on a Chinook.  The Chinook was able to land with service members discovering that the stinger used against them was one of our own because of the special codes, numbers, serials inscribed in them.  So Mr. Stevens had to go to Benghazi and retrieve these stingers or at least destroy them.  In the process he managed to have four of our retired service members killed, his staff member that accompanied him, and he got himself, raped, burned, prodded, cut, and straight up massacred.  That’s why Hillary refused to send help because she is a lying, two-faced, backstabbing, treasonous coward who cares about #1.

Now let’s get on to the issues here, this is more of a matter of personal opinion than it is anything else and what you morally can and can not accept.  I oppose every single thing that Hillary stands for.  Not to say that I support everything Trump stands for, but I can not as a Christian, woman, mother, American, and morally just person stand for the following:

  • Abortions
  • Obamacare
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Political Free Speech Restrictions
  • All Women in The Draft

I also don’t agree with a lot of other things either candidate or all candidates support, like pipelines, keeping the 1% in power, etc.  However, this is just about Hillary.  Abortion is wrong period, you can take that it’s a woman’s right to choose bologna and shove it.  It’s you right to choose whether or not you wanna risk getting pregnant, not end a life because you made a mistake or a bad choice at the wrong time.  The  majority of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes to abortions and the funds come from the government, so all that other hype about women’s health care, birth control, etc is crap.  You can get that at your local health dept too.  Stem Cell research is majorly from aborted babies, so no I can’t support that.  I do not agree with any restrictions on free speech whatsoever especially if you are trying to limit the church or a business owner. I don’t care what religion you are you have the right to free speech of any kind, any where you want it, and how.  As long as you are not inciting violence and committing crimes.  I’m against all women having to sign up for the draft for this one reason: If every man and woman over the age of 18 has to sign up for the draft and we are all drafted then who is going to take care of the minors? As prior service, who at the time was a single mother I know just how difficult and daunting that can be.  Not to mention there are service members who are being forced out of the military because of that very reason.


I with all of my heart and being believe if we don’t do something and unite to stop all of this corruptness, division, hatred, and downright intolerance of each other and each other’s beliefs this country will be facing another Civil War followed by Martial Law.  I love my people, my country, and what it use to stand for entirely too much for that to happen.  So guys please see that Hillary Clinton is not the answer, she is the antithesis of it.  Join me as a America loving, Constitution supporting, Freedom of Speech believing, Equality supporting, Flag wearing, Justice bound citizen and unite to make this country truly “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”.   I  hope you have enjoyed this post, learned something you didn’t know about current events, and/or respect my right to freedom of speech if neither of the above apply to you. As always blessings and may God’s favor abound in your life.

Peace and love,


election-5   Sources: https://www.google.com/amp/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/396182/


Common sense from being a military wife and learning Army Regulations as well as DOD Policy

All photos posted in blog are also sources of factual evidence.