Discerning the calling on my life to help others, be an inspiration, & show people it’s sometimes necessary to hit rock bottom to reach your highest plateau & somewhere in between.

I’m a military wife, mom, writer, & creative thinker. I’m dedicated to helping others & helping inspire people who are book’s being judged by their cover. I’m holding off on working on my BA in Creative Writing due to financial issues. Everything in God’s time. 

I’m so excited to hone in on my gifts and share what God has for me and you out here in the big world of the internet. My hope and prayer is that I faithfully and obediently serve my Abba in this role, and fulfill my purpose and his will for myself; those of you that are meant to connect with me here on WordPress. 

I thank you and hope that I bless you as each of you will surely bless me. A light unto a dark world I will be, shining bright in the long night. 

Peace and Love,


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